Studio Ghibli characters have been utilized for designs before by Japanese watch company Alba, resulting is these adorable but still very wearable Totoro and Kiki designs.

But their Studio Ghibli watches just got a whole lot more magical looking, with these mysterious No-face designs.

The reticent character’s famously creepy mask floats ominously at the top of the watch face. Instead of numbers, he is surrounded by Japanese characters, both these and the hands are inspired by the clock tower that Chihiro encounters in the movie. The mask motif has been printed with luminous paint, so it also glows in the dark.

There are other subtle references to the movie on the timepiece. The character of Haku is depicted in his dragon form on the inside of the strap, and it also has the kanji for oil which is part of the bath house’s name.

The back of the watch face is engraved with the name of the movie in Japanese and the watch company. Since the item is limited edition it also has an engraving showing what number your watch is. Only 500 will be sold of the silver dial watch, and 700 of the black one.

Even the box the watch comes in shows dramatic scenery from the movie.

If any Ghibli super fans want to own one of these chic timepieces, they will have to part with 14,000 yen (about $140). They can be bought online on the Alba website.

By - Jess.