If you’ve ever looked at your plain, boring latte and thought, 'this is not anime enough for me', then this is the cafe for you.

Hiding up some unassuming stairs in the back streets of Harajuku, Cafe Reissue have talented latte artists stationed, ready to bring your whims to a frothy reality.

You can bring a picture of your favourite character, or even favourite celebrity, and request to have their face recreated in your coffee foam.

With the 2D latte art, intricate scenes can be made.

Or with simpler characters, 3D latte art can make them pop adorably out of your cup.

The cafe's Twitter is full of awesome past creations to check out, and maybe get some inspiration for your own latte when you visit.

The only downside is that in the end, you don’t actually want to drink the beverage and destroy the staff’s beautiful designs.

There’s a few different hot drinks which can play host to an impressive piece of latte art, all costing either 600 or 650 yen, and latte art both 2D and 3D cost an extra 400 yen on top of that.

So yes, it costs about $10 for a cup of coffee, and yes, it’s totally worth it!

How to Get to Cafe Reissue, Harajuku

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 3-25-7

Cafe Reissue Twitter

By - Jess.