To Kingdom Hearts fans it seems to have been an eternity, but finally the next installation in the main game series is here.

Thirteen years (!!!) after Kingdom Hearts 2 was released, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be hitting stores this month. To celebrate, Tokyo’s highest tower, the Skytree is going full on Kingdom Hearts in an event they’re calling ‘Tower of Radiance and Shadow’. The always popular tourist attraction is now offering the chance to see Tokyo from above, while enjoying an event celebrating everyone’s favourite Disney-Square Enix crossover game.

The experience starts as soon as you enter the elevator. Speeding up to the observatory, the scene is set with Kingdom Hearts music and imagery, introducing Sora’s ‘World of Radiance’ and Riku’s ‘World of Shadow’.

After being whisked up to floor 445, you will arrive at the welcome area. There’s photo opportunities such as the installation of a throne, and the chance to snap some pictures with your travelling buddies, Donald and Goofy.

The Tembo Galleria is a 110 metre long corridor where you can view Tokyo from above. During the Tower of Radiance and Shadow event, the walls will be decorated with homages to the various worlds Sora and his friends visit throughout the game, including Neverland and Atlantica among others.

Once you make it out of the Galleria you emerge on floor 450 at an area dedicated to the Keyblade Graveyard. Here there’s photo spots where you can take commemorative pictures with life-size keyblades.

Like any event in Japan, there has to be some original goods! You can pick some up at the Skytree shop which comes up next on the route.

After emptying your wallet, you traverse an upward slope lined with Kingdom Hearts world maps. This leads to Sorakara, the highest point of the Skytree at 451.2 metres high. Here there’s a keyblade set up, and when wielded, an original video and light show will play, meaning you can experience opening a door with a keyblade for yourself!

There’s plenty of Kingdom Hearts items to be seen on the slope down to floor 350. Once you arrive on said floor, this is where the Kingdom Hearts Premium Round Theatre takes place. The Skytree Round Theatre refers to the screens which curve around above the huge windows of the Tembo Deck.

The videos, along with the beloved theme songs sang by Utada Hikaru, will guide you through the story of Kingdom Hearts so far, and even show clips from the new game. The Kingdom Hearts Premium Round Theatre, which lasts around 8 minutes, will only occur in the evening at certain times, setting the Kingdom Hearts story against the backdrop of a Tokyo nightscape from 350 metres high in the sky.

Showing Times:

January: 18:00/18:45/19:30/20:15/21:00

February: 18:30/19:15/20:00/20:45

March: 18:45/19:30/20:15/21:00

(Showings are subject to change and on some days finish earlier than billed for other events)

There’s no extra cost to enter the Tower of Radiance and Shadow, you can just pay admission to the Skytree as usual. The event is currently running and will continue until 5th March 2019.


By - Jess.