Many fans of the popular Yakuza (Ryƫ ga Gotoku) video game series have probably fantasized about exploring Tokyo's Kabukicho district (ficitonalized as Kamurocho in the series), and now thanks to video game and pop culture-themed apparel maker Insert Coin Clothing, they can do it in style. Insert Coin Clothing's new Yakuza-themed sukajan jackets take the iconic tattoos of characters Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima and turn them into awesome vintage threads.

If you're not familiar with sukajan, just looking at some may jog your memory. Sukajan resemble vintage Letterman jackets or even baseball jackets, and are typically embroidered with imagery such as tigers, dragons, or even cherry blossoms. Following World War II, American soldiers stationed in Japan would embroider their jackets with these types of images to commemorate their time in Japan. Their are several theories as to why they are referred to as sukajan. The most widely accepted reasoning is that it's a shortening of the term "Souvenir Jacket", another is a shortening of "Yokosuka (where soldiers were stationed) Jumper", and another is a shortening of "Sky Dragon"--a common image embroidered on jackets.

Whichever reason you prefer, sukajan have a rugged and vintage image in Japan, and are as fitting a choice as any for a fashionable take on the Yakuza series. You can order the Yakuza sukajan jackets, as well as a Kamurocho t-shirt from Insert Coin Clothing.




By - Big Neko.