Baby Chanco's hair isn't the only thing growing. It seems the 1-year-old baby sensation's career prospects are as well.

At just four months old, Baby Chanco was already a viral hit on Instagram thanks to her unusually thick and beautiful hair. Quickly, her "hair diary" (run by her mother) exploded to the tune of 377,000 followers and now a modeling career with Pantene as part of their “#HairWeGo My Hair Moves Me Forward” campaign.

Modeling with Japanese TV announcer Sato Kondo.

Admiring her work.

Here she is featured in the short but sweet "The Hairy Tale".

Apparently a feature on the popular baby in People magazine was noticed by Pantene staff, and they clamored "Get this kid a Pantene ad!"--the rest is hairy history.

By - Big Neko.