Photographer and Japan fan Davide Sasso recently accomplished his dream of visiting Japan, and judging by the awesome and inspired photography he came back with, we'd say the trip was well worth it!

Sasso spent two weeks exploring and photographing neighborhoods in Tokyo, and focused on nighttime photography and how surreal the sprawling metropolis can look when the sun goes down. In a post to Bored Panda, Sasso writes "During the night the city comes to life and is the perfect time to take some pictures, I love especially when it rains because all the lights reflect like never before. I am a big fan of cinema, films like "Enter The Void", "Blade Runner", "Akira", and "Ghost In The Shell". They all have been a great source of inspiration for me," and that inspiration definitely shows in his gorgeous photography.

Below are some samples of his outstanding photos of nighttime Tokyo, with hopefully a trip to Kyoto or Osaka to follow in a future trip. For more, be sure to follow Davide Sasso on Instagram.

By - Big Neko.