Recently there have been many special train services which promise a very Japan-specific experience before you’ve even arrived at your destination. One example is the sightseeing train decked out like a historical Kyoto townhouse.

After the debut of the Hello Kitty bullet train last year, there’s a new feline inspired rail journey coming our way. JR West have collaborated with Hello Kitty to give a makeover to the Kansai-Airport Express Haruka.

The theme of the design, alongside the iconic Sanrio character, is Japanese omotenashi. Omotenashi means hospitality, and in the spirit of omotenashi, Hello Kitty wants to whisk you away in style, straight from Kansai airport to Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto.

The concept also encompasses nature motifs such as butterflies and flowers. Combining nature with Hello Kitty in a stylish colour scheme, they hope to portray the beauty of Japan.

The press release refers to the transformation as ‘wrapping’, making it seem like this attractive train is a present for all those lucky enough to ride on it. The exterior is particularly sleek and eye-catching. Then the design carries through to the interior, Hello Kitty adorning the doors and walls.

You’ll be able to see this kawaii train making it’s way from the airport, through Osaka and into Kyoto from 29th January onward.

If you love Hello Kitty, be sure to catch the 45th anniversary Hello Kitty Cafe in Tokyo before it closes on 31st March!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.