When traveling around Japan, you may notice that manhole covers often have surprising artistic designs. Different towns and regions across Japan display local history and culture as a showing of regional pride and sometimes advertising on manhole covers. Numazu in Shizuoka prefecture is famous for having a collection of Love Live! Sunshine!! themed manhole covers, which we had the pleasure of hunting down.

While trekking all around Japan to see the stunning variety of artistic manhole covers can be a tall order, fortunately this weekend's Manhole Cover Festival offers a showcase of the country's gorgeous manhole covers! It runs from February 1st-February 3rd, 2019 at Shinjuku Takashimaya, and aside from an exhibit displaying a selection of manhole covers, guests can purchase manhole cover miniatures, doormats, cards, and even manhole cover shaped sweets!

From left to right: Kitakyushuu City, Fuji City, Yokohama City, Himeji City, Akashi City, Katsuyama City, Tokyo, Fuji City (again)

Manhole Festival 2019 Press Release

Manhole Festival 2019 Press Release

The neighboring Tokyu Hands Shinjuku will be selling merchandise based on the above doormats until the 24th, however, as well as a variety of sweets!

Japanese dorayaki cakes



By - Big Neko.