Just in time for Valentine's Day, VR content production company Vision VR's Studio TWO TOKKI is offering a new interactive movie experience for PSVR owners called "Hanabi HANA type B."

A 110 minute full-length interactive VR drama in beautiful 8K resolution, Hanabi puts you in the role of aspiring singer Kenji (Ichika Uehara, who played Kiyoshi Miyaji in the theatrical adaptation of Kuroko's Basketball in 2017).

Uninspired and dumped by his girlfriend Erika, Kenji's fate suddenly changes when he comes home to his apartment one day and finds beautiful android girl Hanabi (former AKB48 idol turned actress and TV personality Mariya Nagao).

A young man who's bad at romance...

...and an android girl who doesn't know love.

Can this unlikely romance succeed?

You'll be the one to choose the outcome of the story.

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  • Name: ハナビ HANA type B (Hanabi HANA type B)
  • Produced by: Studio TWO TOKKI
  • Platform: PlayStation VR
  • Type: Interactive drama
  • Length: 110 min
  • Format: 8K
  • Prince: 2,700 JPY
  • Availability: Goes on sale on February 14th
  • Website: Hanabi HANA type B
  • Twitter: Vision VR, Inc.

By - Ben K.