With stylish yet affordable clothing available on almost every highstreet across the country, Japan and fashion go hand in hand. Leading the way in street style and casual wear is Japanese apparel brand SPINNS.
With the main store located in Harajuku, and with shops dotted across the nation, the clothing brand is part of a never ending cycle of inspiring (as well as being inspired by) the trend-setters of Japan’s fashion world.

In an attempt to blur the line between reality and virtuality the fashion brand is releasing a free magazine featuring virtual characters and fashion.

SPINNS took its first steps into the world of VR back in 2020 with the introduction of their virtual ‘staff member ‘Tsumugi Hinata. The character appears on the official website and has twitter, instagram and YouTube accounts where she can be seen wearing fashion from SPINNS.
Following the release of Hinata, SPINNS began to collaborate with various virtual creators before setting up SPINNS BOOTH store, where fashion items from the store can be bought as data for VRoid users.

For their latest development into VR, the brand has created a fashion magazine that fuses virtual culture with fashion from the apparel brand.
The magazine features images from more than 130 VRoid creators showcasing VR characters adorning fashion produced and sold through SPINNS.

Collaborators for the magazine were recruited from twitter, and were asked to provide “street snaps” of their VR characters posing in ways inspired by street fashion photography. The resulting magazine consists of more than 130 images expressing the individuality of each and every VR creator.

The magazine also includes in-depth interviews with current VRoid fashion creators.

The editor of the project has stated that at first there were concerns that the project would be a flop, but the surprising number of applications received via twitter soon exceeded expectations. After recruiting creators, the real challenge began, as posts needed to be edited, composed and correctly credited.
Overcoming the difficulties, the finished magazine offers a new and interesting cultural mix of virtuality, reality and fashion.

The magazine, which is the first of a limited series, will be available to pick up for free from SPINNS stores nationwide from Friday 13 August 2021.

Release: 13 August 2021
Distribution Location: All SPINNS stores nationwide (excluding mail order)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.