If you're a poop fan in Japan or are looking for an excuse to visit, you're in luck! From March 15th to July 15th this year, the Unko Museum will be opening up in Yokohama to let visitors see, play, touch, and take pictures with adorable poop.

The Unko ("poop" in Japanese) Museum will be located in the Aso Building directly connected to Yokohama station. While there have been more realistic and academic museums and exhibits related to poop around the world, the Unko Museum differs in that it more of an interactive celebration of poop as "kawaii". In Japan it isn't uncommon to see coils of poo cartoonified and presented as cute--much like the poop emoji--an anthropomorphized into poop mascots, poop ice cream, and adorable but bizarre educational poop songs.

The museum operates as an interactive "amusement space", with three main areas.

"Insta-poop area"

A poop-themed setup intended for funny pictures to post on Instagram.

"Pooperactive area"

An area where kids can run around and play with interactive poop exhibits.

"Pooptelligence area"

An "intelligence" area where displays that show off the history of poop, as well as poop-themed goods and celebrity illustrations of poop.

Adult admission is set at 1600 yen, with children (up through elementary) at 900 yen.

By - Big Neko.