If you have an office job or spend a lot of time on the computer, you know how uncomfortable it can be. You may have even strained your wrist before.

The cutest solution to this ergonomic dilemma, is probably this super soft, sleepy Slowpoke, which slips under your forearm to minimise discomfort while using a mouse.

If you’re not a Slowpoke fan, you can choose from three other popular Pocket Monsters to give your mouse-hand a well-earned break. The obligatory Pikachu and Eevee make an appearance, and king of the lazy Pokemon, Snorlax.

The cuteness of the pose, with the Pokemon lying down relaxing, will ease the stress of the mind, as well as of the wrist.

If you need more comprehensive comfort for your fatigued limbs, a while ago Pokemon released cushion rests that sit in your lap and let you rest both wrists while using the keyboard.

These super cute arm rests, and other Pokemon merchandise, are available from the Village Vanguard online store

By - grape Japan editorial staff.