When Premium Bandai isn't releasing Frieza cushions you're supposed to imagine as your ideal boss, they have quite the portfolio of adorable Pokemon-themed PC cushions for you to rest your wrists on as you type away at your computer. Their latest addition to that collection is a work buddy who will make you look super diligent just based off of comparison--a Slowpoke PC cushion!

The not-a-care-in-the-world dopey Slowpoke cushion comes with a detachable wrist-rest to use when you're at your PC, with the space bar as a "Yadon" (Slowpoke's Japanese name) button.

Of course, you can just take off the keyboard and cuddle with Slowpoke--even read books and eat lunch with him!

The Slowpoke PC Cushion is currently available from Premium Bandai for 5,720 yen. Those overseas may want to look into their international site.

By - Big Neko.