Coca-Cola Japan have wowed us before with their beautiful seasonal bottle designs, but a couple of years ago they started a new series which pays tribute to Japan’s charming and varied regions.

Each aluminium bottle has a striking individual design incorporating the area’s name, history, culture and landmarks. The coolest part about them is the fact that each one can only be purchased in the place itself, making it the perfect souvenir from a trip. Due to this, they can often be found in souvenir gift shops or vending machines nearby tourist attractions.

Source: Coca-Cola Japan

So far 27 designs have been released, including heavy hitters like Hokkaido, Tokyo and Kyoto, but the latest addition to the line up takes us as south as Japan goes, to the remote island paradise of Okinawa.

In the background as a representative architectural structure is the distinctive Shureimon, one of the main gates of Shuri castle in Okinawa’s capital, Naha. In a reference to the laid-back Okinawan life-style, the slow swimming whale shark is shown making it’s way into the foreground. The back of the packaging has an illustration of a cute clownfish frolicking in some sea anemone.

Overall, the bottle is supposed to represent Okinawa’s rich history, as well as the abundance of nature and sea life.

The new design goes on sale in Okinawa from 1st April and can be found in various souvenir shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and vending machines.

By - Jess.