Coca Cola Japan have wowed us before with their gorgeous seasonal bottle designs, but in summer, Coca Cola Japan released 6 new especially striking bottle designs, based around famous landmarks in major Japanese cities. The bottles can only be purchased in that region, making them the perfect souvenir for your trip around Japan.

The first five announced were Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kyoto, Setouchi and Kumamoto. Yokohama was also released after that. Each bottle has an individually beautiful design incorporating the region’s name, landmarks and history.

Source: PR Times

If you're good with Japanese geography you may have worked it out from the top image, but the newly released designs have been announced as Ueno, Saitama and Nagoya.

Pandas are synonymous with Ueno, so of course they are central to the Ueno design. There is a nod to the recent birth of Giant Panda Xiang Xiang, with a panda cub included. In the background is Shinobazu Pond the charming and historically prominent lotus pond in Ueno Park.

Saitama’s design shows the clock tower in Kawagoe city and the foreground shows a cruise down the Arakawa river, a popular tourist activity in Nagatoro, a beautiful and rural area of Saitama.

Coming down South, the Nagoya design depicts Nagoya Castle and the impressive figure of a fully armoured samurai.

They will be available from 20th November but there is no specific information about exactly where they can be found, the press release simply states 'supermarkets, souvenir stores etc'. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of these areas, have fun searching!

By - Jess.