With Japan's love of seasonal bottle designs and sakura-themed beverages, it was only a matter of time before the two collided in the form of a cherry-blossom decorated Coke bottle. With many believing that Coke tastes best out of the bottle, why not give this pretty sakura design bottle a spin if you're fortunate enough to be in Japan this Spring? Starting February 13th, Coca-Cola Japan will be releasing a limited-edition cherry blossom Coke bottle to celebrate the season of sakura.

While it's not exactly sakura cola, the limited-edition bottle is being advertised as a great beverage to celebrate Japanese flower-viewing parties (hanami) and Girls’ Day (hina-matsuri) in Japan. The slim bottle sports Japanese cherry blossoms dancing about the 250ml bottle. At 125 yen a bottle, we imagine many around the country will be using these as a non-alcoholic toasting alternative to the myriad of sakura-themed beer cans. As a limited-edition release, they'll only be available during the Spring. Maybe by then we'll have cherry blossom flavored cokes as a sequel!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.