Japan's Okinawa prefecture is home to many must-see tourist spots and natural attractions, but the name "Palace of the Demon King" may be one that can be a hard sell for the squeamish. Fortunately, for as ominous as it may sound, the spot is a highly sought out underwater marvel for divers in the area--and as far as we know, bereft of demons.

The Palace of the Demon King, or Devil's Palace, is one of the more popular dive sites near Miyakojima Island. It is located right next to Shimojijima Airport on Shimojijima Island, across the bridge from Miyakojima, and takes about 30 minutes by boat to get there from the port of Miyakojima.

The underwater structure consists of three rooms, including the "Demon King's Altar" and the "Demon King's Bedroom". The entrance to the palace is through a small hole, which can only be entered by one person at a time, followed by a pitch-black passage, but once you make it through you're welcomed by a majestic underwater sight.

These photos were shared by BIGHOLIDAY, a dive shop in Miyakojima. The sunlight entering the hole in the underwater passage illuminates the structure into a truly beautiful surrounding, perhaps a bit too gorgeous for a demon king to take up home in.

There are several theories as to the origin of the name, such as the shape of the rocks that are said to look like a demon king wearing a cloak, and the unique structure of the dark, narrow passageways and arches that lead to a large hall.

Whatever the reason, you can see why the name is no deterrent to adventurous divers with gorgeous shots like this.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.