Perhaps tapping into the huge popularity of the recently released customizable Pokémon T-shirts collection, a new lineup of Pokémon maternity and baby clothing and goods is being launched in Japan.

The project is called Monpoke, and was created as a response to the idea that Pokémon fans who started their journey with the globally celebrated franchise have grown up, and perhaps are ready to raise budding Pokémon fan children of their own. Hoping to produce a lineup of goods and clothing that will appeal to both parents and infants with a theme of "fashionable and cute", but still distinctly Pokémon-themed, the Pokémon Company will team up with a number of maternity fashion and toy makers.

The actual lineup has yet to be released, but at the moment Pokémon picture books and maternity wear have been announced in a press release. The items are scheduled to be released in July of 2019, but an early April press event will showoff the planned goods and clothing.

By - Big Neko.