November last year, LUSH opened their world’s first ever ‘bath bomb concept shop’ in Harajuku, Tokyo.


Lush’s colourful distinctive bath bombs are displayed without prices or even product information, so that their aesthetic powers can truly shine, making the store more like an art gallery than a bath goods store.

As shown in the video below, customers can use the LUSH LABS app to find out information about the bath bombs if they’re interested, both Japanese and English is available.

The new store unveiled 54 types of bath bomb, many of them exclusive to the Harajuku store, with special bombs inspired by Japan and Japanese bath culture.


Using feedback from the customers, a set of new exclusive bath bombs with some subtle, and some not so subtle Japanese twists have been revealed by LUSH, calling it ‘Harajuku Bath Bomb Phase 2’. Here's a rundown of a few of them!

Dragon Ball

When you’re fatigued this bath bomb should give you a boost of energy, with its name surely inspired by the legendary anime series. Iridescent emerald glitter sparkles like scales and it has a fruity and floral scent, rich with fragrant olive.

Helter Skelter

Sweet like sugar, this bath bomb represents the rollercoaster-like ups and downs of life. Fitting for fashion-mad Harajuku, the name could be a reference to the unsettling Japanese movie which portrays a model’s descent into insanity.


This pretty addition is named after, and also had its appearance modelled on, a shimokobai, a type of traditional Japanese sweet. The sweet itself resembles a frost covered plum blossom, a classic sign of the beginning of spring in Japan.


This green one has a certain resemblance to a certain Japanese monster. One that often gets called the King of the Monsters. Inviting you to up your skin’s health with peppermint oil and green tea, this refreshing bath bomb is perfect for people who like herbal scents.

Monster Café

This citrus creation is kawaii in scent and in appearance. The name and general aesthetic seem to be a nod towards the Harajuku Monster Café, an institution of the saccharin creepiness that the area is known for.

Black Ninja

A less than subtle Japan inspired twist, the Black Ninja bath bomb is exactly what the name implies. A round bath bomb that looks like a ninja’s head. Fragrant hard hitters, patchouli and geranium, both lend themselves to this sneaky bath time treat. If you drop it in the bath it will start melting quickly, leaving behind a trail of silver stars and popping candy to replicate the appearance and sound of ninja throwing stars.

All these bath bombs and more are currently on sale at the Harajuku store, with plans for even more becoming available from April. Due to the great reception the original Harajuku bombs enjoyed, LUSH have also announced plans to see some of the Japan-exclusive bath bombs to become available to buy in stores worldwide, so soon non-Japan residents will also be able to being a bit of Japanese bathing culture novelty to their bath time!


By - grape Japan editorial staff.