In Japan, going to a yakiniku (grilled meat cuisine) restaurant is often looked forward to as an event, but yakiniku chain Ushisuke may have jumped to the front of the list for dog lovers. Ushisuke offers a delicious Japanese barbecue experience where customers can grill meat and eat together with their dogs.

The restaurant has a staff of dog lovers and trainers on hand to help make your canine friend at home, and dogs "order" from a special menu of dog friendly food that has been reviewed and approved by veterinarians.

To help maintain a clean dining experience, dogs aren't allowed on the table and separate utensils are provided to handle their food. Watching and waiting for their food to be prepared can be adorably frustrating, however.

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Ushisuke has locations around the Tokyo and Yokohama area, a full list of which you can see here if you want to have some dog-friendly delicious yakiniku with your good boy or girl!

By - Big Neko.