It's no secret that Japan has a variety of adventurous Kit Kat flavors. The long line of of delicious twists on the classic chocolate and wafer candy bar sometimes borders on the experimental side with flavors such as wasabi, purple sweet potato, red bean sandwich, cantaloupe, and the now world-popular green tea. So the next flavor needed to be bold enough to be a worthy successor, and the power of booze is making it just that: Sake flavored Kit Kats have come to Japan.


Source: Nestle Japan

According to a Nestle Japan release, sake powder is kneaded in between the chocolate and wafer, and offers the mellow body and sharp aftertaste of a fine sake. They contain .8 percent alcohol, and have officially gone on sale at Japanese convenience stores for 150 yen ($1.25 USD) in packs of three. A separate nine-piece box set will be available in souvenir stores (we imagine airports and train stations, especially) in a special design. The nine-piece box set comes in the shape of a 1.8 liter bottle of sake, or Isshobin for 700 yen ($5.75 USD).

A special box designed as a large bottle of sake


Source: Nestle Japan

Alcohol-filled and alcohol-flavored chocolates are nothing new, and are especially popular in Japan (try Rummy or Bacchus if you get the chance!), but nihonshu (日本酒, sake) is somewhat of the road less traveled when it comes to sweets.

In the press release, Nestle Japan states that the design is intended to please foreign visitors, so why not follow along with their wishes and grab some very unique Kit Kats to pair with the bottle of sake you bring back home? While we haven't sampled them yet, our curiosity is peaked, and we hope yours is too. Speaking of which, we need to be on our way to the convenience store...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.