Sadako is perhaps the most iconic character in modern Japanese horror, scaring fans for years with multiple entries in the Ring franchise. She hasn't been afraid to tap into her more fan-friendly side in entertaining promotions, however. Over the years Sadako, who recently made it onto Newsweek's list of top 100 Japanese people the world respects, has proved to work well with others--collaborating with her J-horror movie colleague Kayako (Ju-on) in releasing beauty masks and heavy metal music videos.

Their most popular collaboration may be when Sadako famously threw out the first pitch of a Japanese baseball game between the Yakult Swallows (Tokyo) and the Nippon Ham Fighters (Hokkaido) to Kadako in a ghostly duel, however. Three years later, Sadako returned to the mound at the Sapporo Dome on May 12th, throwing out another ceremonial first pitch in a game between the Nippon Ham Fighters and Seibu Lions (Saitama). While there was no Kadako this time, Sadako's first pitch was clocked at a fairly surprising 98km/h (60 mph).

Before taking the mound, the big screen displayed Sadako emerging from a well creepily (as she has a habit of doing). Leading up to the pitch the Fighters' cheer squad (FIGHTERS GIRLS) danced to theme song of the original Ring film (feels like "HEAVEN") and encouraged Sadako to do her best. After the pitch, staff provided a comment for Sadako, saying she was happy to celebrate her the Ring series surpassing twenty years and thanking the FIGHTERS GIRLS for their support.

Sadako took the mound to promote the latest addition to the Ring franchise, simply titled Sadako, which hits theaters across Japan on May 24th.

By - Big Neko.