You can always count on Japanese Kit Kats to brave new flavor frontiers, as seen in the past with peach mint rum Kit Kats, the world's first ruby chocolate bar, and even Kit Kat sushi. However, Nestle Japan has also used their uniquely flavored Kit Kats to raise money for national disaster relief.

That's what Nestle Japan is doing retroactively with their latest flavor, Seto Inland Sea salt and lemon Kit Kats.

On July 3rd, as many as 1.1 million residents in southwestern Japan were instructed to evacuate their homes due torrential rains that resulted in mudslides and flooding. As ongoing recovery and stabilization efforts persist, Nestle Japan has decided to attach a donation bonus to their recently released Seto Inland Sea salt and lemon Kit Kats, with each package purchased sending 10 yen to relief efforts in the afflicted areas.

These Kit Kats originally were released on June 24th in Japan, and highlight the local ingredients of the Setouchi region (Japan's top citrus growing region), mixing lemon and white chocolate along with the light, sweet-tasting salt of the Seto Inland sea for a refreshing snack.

If you're strolling through a convenience store in Japan and looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to pick up a bag/box or two and help out.

By - Big Neko.