Yōchien 幼稚園 (literally "Kindergarten") is a monthly magazine geared towards kindergartners published by Shogakukan Inc. One of the most popular features is the attached supplement which contains toys, gadgets and sometimes, build-it-yourself replicas. Mostly made of paper, these replicas have often been noted for their accuracy, even to the extent that they become highly sought-after collectors items for a considerably older population than the intended audience. For example, the October 2018 issue had a fully functioning gachapon capsule toy vending machine.

Seventeen Ice Cream Vending Machine

The July 2019 issue came with an almost fully functioning replica of a vending machine which sells Ezaki Glico's popular Seventeen brand of ice cream. These vending machines which sell various flavors of ice cream in an easy-to-eat format can be found in train stations, stores, parks, museums and various other areas throughout Japan, and are very popular with foreign tourists, especially those who have never seen a vending machine sell ice cream before.

The July 2019 issue of Yochien | © PR Times, Inc.

However, for anyone who has visited Japan or lived here for a certain length of time, the sight of these vending machines is part of the landscape of everyday life, especially in warmer months, and they are often associated with enjoyable memories.

That's why the possibility of owning your very own working replica of a Seventeen Ice Cream vending machine is so attractive. In fact, so much so that Shogakukan Inc. has taken the highly unusual measure of ordering emergency reprints because the July issue immediately sold out after their tweet showing it off went viral.

Let's take a look at this remarkable replica:

If you'd like to buy the July 2019 issue, check Yochien's home page here. The reprints will be arriving in stores (and presumable online) from June 22nd.

If you're able to buy the July 2019 issue, this video can help you assemble it:

By - Ben K.