Hideharu Egashira, known by his stage name Egashira 2:50, is a Japanese comedian famous for being a shocking and disruptive figure, his gags often relying on vulgar and obscene material. Usually appearing bare-chested in black leggings, in a style inspired by professional wrestler Masahiro Chono, he can contort himself into all kinds of poses to surprise his audiences. His gags have sometimes gone too far, as was the case when he visited Turkey and nearly caused a diplomatic incident when he took off his clothes, enraging the crowds. Although he was eventually shunned from national television, he has surpassed 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he continues to perform his antics despite being already in his 50s.

This video provides a good summary, if you're interested in learning more:

Kitan Club's Egashira 2:50 mascot figures

With these difficult times many of us are facing these days, Egashira 2:50's brand of humor could be just the thing to make you forget your worries and bring a smile to your face. If that sounds like something you can appreciate, you're in luck. Capsule toy and figure maker Kitan Club is bringing back their popular line of Egashira 2:50 mascot figures in July:

All his famous poses are represented:

Egashira Attack!

Egashira 2:50 has innumerable ways of using his body to assault your senses and shock you, but this one's a gold standard.


Egashria 2:50 at his most obnoxious, getting in your face.

Unsteady ambulation

Trying to move around while maintaining a crossed-legged pose is no easy task, but Egashira 2:50 pulls it off in his own inimitable style...


Subtle it isn't, but this may be Egashira 2:50's most famous pose...

Beijing Legend

It may seem at first glance to have similarities to the Shwing pose, but this is actually one of Egashira's more praiseworthy moments when he showed up at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 dressed in gold to cheer on the Women's Wrestling team.

Three-point handstand

Another one of Egashira 2:50's signature moves, showing off his physical skills.

Underarm hair pluck

Egashira 2:50 at his most ridiculous. This famous gag has him reach behind his head with his right arm, exposing his underarm hair, which he vigorously plucks out with his left hand in a swift motion.

Price and Availability

Each mascot figure comes with a ball chain strap, costs 200 JPY each, and will be dispensed at random from capsule toy dispensers around Japan from July 4th, 2020.

They make great cat toys too, as you can see below:

By - Ben K.