Denny’s American diner chain has a bit of a different image in Japan, compared to how it is perceived in the States. Though it's most famous in America for breakfast food, over here it is known as an affordable family restaurant that fuses both western and Japanese food in one please-everyone menu.

They also offer a range of delicious and easy-on-the-wallet desserts, which even include some exciting seasonal offerings.

Denny’s desserts have just jumped into a full on green tea dessert fair, using matcha from Uji in Kyoto, a town famous for their high quality tea. They are showcasing five different desserts which are sure to excite your tastebuds with a mix of sweet ingredients and bitter, fragrant matcha.

The main event of this green tea sweets extravaganza is surely the confidently named, ‘Uji Matcha The Sundae’. This 878 yen sundae piles everything that’s good in the world of traditional Japanese sweets into one glass making every bite a taste sensation. Roasted green tea cream and jelly, soft shiratama mochi, red beans, white chocolate and the tall dessert is finished off with matcha brownies (greenies?) on top.

If you couldn’t possibly take on The Sundae, there’s an Uji Matcha and Hoji-cha Mini Parfait on the menu too. Hoji-cha is roasted green tea, characterised by its brown colour and toasty taste. Hoji-cha jelly and cream is served with rich matcha ice cream, sweet red beans and shiratama.

Rich Tea Jelly uses Uji’s carefully selected tea leaves for this exceedingly rich matcha jelly which hides sweet red beans inside.

Buttermilk fluffy pancakes, matcha cream, sweet red beans, brown sugar syrup and honey syrup come together for the epic Uji Matcha Pancake.

The last offering on this special matcha menu is the Uji Matcha Rolled Galette. These baked rolls are covered in matcha powder and filled with Uji matcha cream, Turkish delight and sweet red beans.

Full menu and prices are available on the Denny's Japan website.

By - Jess.