OMUSUBI Cake are a sweet spin on Japanese onigiri, or rice balls. The cake version of the traditional Japanese snack replaces the usual seaweed wrapping of rice balls with a black cocoa crepe, the rice portion with flavored sponge cake, and the filling with a flavored cream.

While originally only available via limited popup stores, OMUSUBI Cakes have become incredibly popular (with over 160,000 sold) so Osaka-based patisserie "TSUKIICHI", where the cakes originated, are making the dessert rice balls available for online order within Japan via website

The lineup of flavors is highlighted by a new sakura flavor filled with matcha sponge cake, sakura cream, and red bean paste and pie.

Cookie and cream, mont blanc, tiramisu, earl gray, cheesecake, grapefruit, green tea, chocolat, and strawberry flavors are also available.

OMUSUBI Cakes can be ordered online in Japan in packs as small as six and as large as thirty.

By - Big Neko.