Mount Fuji, unequivocally one of the most recognisable symbols of Japan, has had its image recreated again and again, in paintings, in print, in sculptures and more recently in Starbucks mugs and Kit Kat souvenir boxes.

For Yamanashi prefecture in Japan, their main tourist draw is Mount Fuji. A local health food and souvenir company, Yamafuji, wanted to create an affordable, easily available and pretty souvenir to enable visitors take a reminder of the imposing and beautiful mountain back home with them.

They came up with the idea of a refreshing Mount Fuji shaped jelly, drawing on the mountain’s instantly recognisable appearance.

There’s no photos of the actually jelly, but the illustration makes it seem as though they’re going to do a pretty literal interpretation of the snow-capped peak.

The jelly won’t just look like Fuji, but also contain a real taste of it, as water sourced from the mountain was used to make the sweet souvenir.

The jelly itself is completely ‘Made in Yamanashi’ making it the perfect souvenir from a trip to Fuji-san or the surrounding area.

Each one costs 223 yen and they will be available in various souvenir shops in the area around Mount Fuji.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.