Earlier this year, a special edition of Japan's PLUS Stationery’s 'Air-in' range of erasers was released that slowly revealed an image of Mt. Fuji, perhaps the most iconic symbol of Japan. The limited release was met with such a positive response that the fun-to-use erasers soon sold out, and left hopeful buyers asking for more. Answering the demand and hoping to provide a popular souvenir for overseas visitors, PLUS Stationery has announced that they are bringing back the transforming Mt. Fuji erasers as a permanent release with six new decorative labels.

The snow-capped blue Mt. Fuji eraser will be returning as a standard release. It uses a two layer structure and a curved top that makes it particularly hard to break, and is held in place by a gold-stamped band that comes in six different traditional Japanese designs. As you put the eraser to use, it eventually takes shape as Mt. Fuji.

The Mt. Fuji eraser is already available across Japan from stationery shops, but also Amazon (currently sold out, although the previous version is here) and Rakuten.

By - Big Neko.