Japanese sports fans have gained a reputation for bringing their admirable manners and etiquette along with them when they travel to events, as seen last year when fans gained attention for helping clean up a stadium following a World Cup win over Colombia. At the risk of generalizing, a sense of being responsible for oneself as part of a group and cleaning up after oneself is a value emphasized in Japanese society and culture, and this often translates to extra awareness at sporting events.

Well-mannered fans are once again in the news as they were observed cleaning up at 2019 the Women's World Cup following Japan's 2-1 victory over Scotland.

But as many were quick to point out, one fan in particular seems to not be a newcomer to this.

As he'll tell you himself, that fan is actually a superhero/mascot-themed super supporter and whose goal is to "bring a smile to Kagoshima", but also promote respecting your surroundings, sports etiquette, and cleaning up! He also makes balloon animals for children.

Janken man takes his name (according to his Twitter profile) after his 80% win rate in janken (Japanese "Rock, Paper, Scissors"--hence the hand on his head), and is a Japanese soccer fan who happens to be the Kagoshima Self-Defense Force Public Relations Ambassador.

He's become a hit with fans in Japan and around the world, due to his jovial nature, inspiring nature, and of course, eye-catching costume.

It's great to see his and other fans' attitude of cleaning up after oneself spreading. It's also a pleasant reminder that not all heroes wear capes, some wear giant hands on their heads.

By - Big Neko.