Source: YouTube

Why You Don’t Need To Lick Japanese Yogurt Lids

Few things can make a healthy breakfast fall apart like the need to lick excess clumps of yogurt stuck to the container's lid. Not only do you have to put your tongue on some piece of plastic, but you also have to sacrifice your dignity as a person by looking like...well, a person licking a yogurt container lid. That is, unless you're eating Japanese yogurt, which doesn't stick to the lid. Larry Denian on YouTube has provided us with a quick look at this delightful packaging.

The yogurt in question is Bifix Breakfast Yogurt (mango flavor ftw!), and is a series of yogurts from Glico that mostly prides itself on low fat content and health benefits. The lids are designed to have a non-stick factor to them, so kudos to them for thinking of us poor container lickers. Although, we can't give all the credit to the container--if you're wowed by this, you may be surprised at just how runny the yogurt appears. This is a norm in Japan and other parts of the world. Call it the perfect combination of practical yogurt packaging and yogurt consistency. And while not all Japanese yogurt packages are like this, balance in all things.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.