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AniEveX: Japan’s First Anime Song DJ Media Site Launches

With the growing international popularity of anime and anime songs, anime song DJ events have evolved from a minor subculture phenomenon to a more mainstream presence, sometimes even taking over the top night clubs of Japan such as ageHa in Tokyo. Anisong DJ events (or anikura, as they are often abbreviated) have diversified in recent years. For example, there are internationally minded events such as AniSphere in Akihabara Mogra (which ended earlier this year), special themed events such as the Character T-Shirt Party in Akihabara Entas, or even cruise ship parties such as Paripism's Pirate Cruise in Yokohama Bay two years ago.


If you'd like to find an anime song DJ event while you visit Japan, you'll be interested in a new website which just launched on July 1st. AnieveX, a portmanteau of "Anisong DJ" and "Event," is Japan's first specialized media for anime song DJ events, with an additional focus on VTuber events, netlabel music culture and cosplay.

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Event Calendar

The most practical and important feature of AniEveX is its comprehensive calendar of events, organized and color-coded by region:

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The site also had columns for news, event reports and interviews.

In the near future, AniEveX will also have a feature allowing users to submit events for the calendar as well as event reports.

Ichiro Watanabe

AniEveX is the brainchild of Ichiro Watanabe, CEO of AZbit Inc. as well as DJ and event organizer.

Since 2012, Watanabe had been operating a highly popular anisong DJ event calendar site called AniEveZ on a volunteer basis, through which he introduced a total of almost 7000 events. Sadly, for financial reasons, he needed to close the site in December 2018.

Watanabe's experience with AniEveZ inspired him to create something bigger, this time on a commercial basis. Through a successful Campfire crowdfunding campaign, AniEveX was born.

This time, with the help of AZBit staff, AniEveX will run as Japan's first fully-fledged anime song DJ media, offering not only its invaluable calendar service but also providing news, interviews and reports on anime song DJ events, VTuber events, netlabel music culture and news, and cosplay.

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Visit AniEveX and follow their Twitter account. (language is Japanese).

By - Ben K.