Shiba inu is probably the most recognisable Japanese breed these days, due to their wacky online antics such as running their own sweet potato stands or frolicking in flowers.

But one of Japan's other breeds Akita inu may be hot on the shibe's heels in terms of popularity. The most iconic Akita inu, Hachiko, is immortalised as a statue outside Shibuya station which has become a popular tourist attraction. Now, everyone from gold medal Olympians to politicians, want their own loyal Akita.

As adorably fluffy and blundering as Akita dogs are known to be, this puppy has shocked everyone online with his unusual, and pretty unsettling sleeping pose.

The owner caught him sleeping with a wide-open mouth, holding on to the bar of the cage with his upper jaw, exposing his sharp teeth and looking a bit frightening. Many people commented under the video uploaded on Twitter that they couldn’t believe a puppy could really sleep like that, and they were amazed his jaw didn’t get tired.

The owner has two adult Akita dogs and seven puppies which sounds like a very fun, if not slightly chaotic, household. It seems for puppies exhausted from playing all day, it’s possible to sleep anywhere!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.