One thing Numazu in Shizuoka prefecture has gained a level of fame for is serving as the backdrop of popular anime Love Live! Sunshine!!, as any visitor can attest to by strolling the streets and seeing anime-themed manhole covers and even a Love Live! Sunshine!! burger restaurant. The city is perhaps more famously known for its proximity to Suruga Bay, which at a maximum depth of 2,500 meters, is the deepest bay in Japan.

As diving into the bay isn't recommended, visitors can admire its scenic charm via a tsunami gate watchtower and even ocean life by heading to the nearby deep sea creature aquarium. They can also appreciate the bay and satisfy their sweet tooth at a recently opened cafe serving up shiny blue jelly pudding meant to reflect the beauty of the deep blue Suruga Bay.

The aquatic aesthetic pudding is being served at the newly opened second store of Numazu Deep Sea Studio, which already sells more than 2,500 of the special sweet a day. The jelly itself is a mixture of crushed blue jelly and lemon juice, and is said to taste similar to Ramune, a popular subtle citrus soda in Japan enjoyed in the summer. It's served on top of a fresh cream and vanilla bean pudding.

Plain and salted caramel versions are also available.

A selection of different flavored cream sodas and floats are also available.

If pudding isn't enough for you, Ramune, vanilla, matcha, and salted caramel gelato may be the perfect way to end your stroll around the bay.

The cafe itself is meant to offer a museum atmosphere in itself, with trick art and deep sea decor.

For those looking for a bite of deep sea blue pudding, access information can be found below.

Address: Senbon-hama, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 124 (静岡県沼津市千本港町124)

Hours: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM


By - Big Neko.