With the massive surge in tourism, there must be companies lining up to open branches in Kyoto’s famous sightseeing districts. But the town remains strict on preserving the historical townscape, making it difficult for modern-day companies to set up shop in the old capital.

To get around this, brands such as Starbucks have turned chameleon, surreptitiously blending into the rows of traditional buildings and cobbled streets. Hard Rock Cafe have also managed to secure a premises in the sightseeing area of Gion, by disguising themselves as a Kyoto townhouse. These wooden townhouses, called 'kyomachiya', were common in Kyoto before the 1950s, and there’s still plenty standing in the town’s preserved historical districts. The exterior of this new Hard Rock Cafe has been modelled on these so as not to disturb the traditional Japanese vibes of the area.

But it's not just the aesthetics of the building itself which will take on aspects of Japanese culture, they also promised a crossover menu which would fully encapsulate the western-eastern mix entailed by a Kyoto townhouse-style Hard Rock Cafe.

Now that the branch is finally open, some of the exclusive dishes have been revealed, to give us a little insight into what kind of menu they have come up with.

Hard Rock Cafe are famous for their hamburgers, and there will, of course, be some classic, authentic American-style burgers on the menu. But Kyoto will also get some exclusive Japanese inspired items such as the Miso Wasabi Burger.

Vegetarians are in for a treat with the vegetable roll which is packed with Kyoto-grown ingredients.

Chicken Wings are another classic that can get a Japanese style twist, culminating in the teriyaki sauce covered Yakitori Wing.

In an Instagrammable turn, this 'raindrop cake' has been made with Kyoto water and paired with some traditional Japanese flavours. Bringing some Kyoto serenity to the raucous rock haven, you can enjoy these traditional Japanese desserts with a cup of tea.

There's also plenty of cool merch on offer which combines the rock music sensibilities of the Hard Rock Cafe with some pretty Kyoto aesthetics.

Check the Hard Rock Cafe Japan website for more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.