By the power of the moon, the previously announced world’s first Sailor Moon show restaurant, Shining Moon Tokyo, is finally opening its doors today.

The restaurant is located in Azabu Juban, the real-life location of many scenes in the animated series, and will bring the world of the ultimate magical girl to life with a live performance that you can enjoy while chowing down on adorable Sailor Moon themed dishes.

There are quite a few choices on the menu, split into lunch and dinner. Each dish or drink ordered comes with a special original gift (shown in brackets below).

Lunch Menu

Food (comes with original lunch box)

Pretty Guardian Lunch Box

Moon Prism Rice Burger

Drink (original coaster)

Usagi’s Recommended: Strawberry Smoothie – 800 yen

Mamo-chan’s Recommended: Iced Cocoa – 800 yen

Dessert (original plate)

Shining Moon Tokyo Rollcake – 1500 yen

Tuxedo Black Sesame Sundae- 1500 yen

Dinner Menu

Food (original plate)

Sailor Planet Temari Sushi – 1800 yen

Mako-chan’s Idea: Colourful Noodles – 1800 yen

Tsukino Household Classic Rabbit Curry – 1800 yen

Drink (original coaster)

Moon Pink Lemonade – 800 yen

Mercury Blue Cider – 800 yen

Mars Red Cider – 800 yen

Jupiter Green Nectar – 800 yen

Venus Golden Mango – 800 yen

Tuxedo Black Sugar Coffee – 800 yen

Dessert (original plate)

Silver Millennium Heart Cake – 1500 yen

Shining Moon Tokyo Pancake – 1500 yen

Strawberry Moon Ice Cream – 1500 yen

Sailor Moon Show Restaurant Shining Moon Interior

The interior of the show restaurant contains a fittingly sparkly stage, various seating areas and a photo spot.

The lunchtime slots do not include a performance and cover the price of the meal only. It's 3500 yen which includes one main meal and one drink. You can order an extra drink or dessert if you wish but you can only choose one main.

The entrance fee for the dinner time show is 8500 yen for S seats and 7500 yen for A seats. This charge includes the price of the performance ticket, plus one main and one drink. You can order as much extra food and drinks as you like for the listed prices.

You can see more information on show times and apply for tickets on the Shining Moon Tokyo official website.

By - Jess.