Single 3D: full body motion capture with a single camera

As we reported earlier this year, Fukuoka-based NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. developed something called "Single 3D" as a part of their VisionPose motion capturing series, which allowed users with only one camera and no additional equipment to capture their face and body's motions, to be instantly reflected in a 3D model for broadcasting on YouTube or other video platforms.

Single 3D on a mobile platform: the first app

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In May, they released an app making use of this technology called "MICHICON VisionPose Single 3D," after the name of their blue-haired company mascot Michico, the model of which they designed with VRoid Studio. The app proved to be quite popular, entering the top-ranked apps in the entertainment category on the iOS App Store.

However, while Michico is an appealing and well-designed model, many users had already designed their own models in VRoid Studio and were hoping to finally have a smartphone-based full body motion capture solution to broadcast with. Moreover, in feedback sent to NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd., it also became clear that users also wanted a way to export motion data in CSV format.


Taking this feedback into account, and making further improvements, NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. has now released an app called "MICHICON-PLUS":

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Here are the app's features:

Full-body motion capture on a smartphone

For those who have already taken the plunge into virtual broadcasting or those who are considering to, MICHICON-PLUS allows you to express yourself with your entire body just like the most popular Virtual Youtubers.

Link to VRoid Hub allowing you to change models freely

In addition to Michico, users can upload the VRoid model of their choice from VRoid Hub. You can not only use your own models but also other models you have liked on VRoid Hub.

(Limited to models with the following usage conditions: "Can this model data be used by others? YES / Avatar use: YES / Violence: NO / Sexual acts: NO / Individual commercial use: YES / For profit use (donations): YES)

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Export motion data and create animations smoothly

Thanks to the implementation of a data export feature in the new app, users can now export their motion sequences in CSV and send them as an attachment to their email account. Using a conversion package from CSV to Unity's .anim format, they'll have an animation file which can be used in any application. In other words, "MICHICON-PLUS" can be used as a simple full-body motion capture tool without the need for costly equipment or studio rentals.

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Green screen feature

Vtubers will be happy to know there's a green screen feature. When you connect your iOS device to a PC running broadcasting software (such as OBS Studio which is free to use), the green screen mode allows you to remove the background. Then, all you need to do is use chroma key to integrate the model into your Vtuber broadcast.

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App Details

  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free (VRoid model import and motion data export features require upgrade to PRO version for 360 JPY/mo.)
  • Download from App Store

  • Website: Michico

By - Ben K.