Nijisanji, one of the major Vtuber agencies managed by Anycolor Inc., has announced that they have released a very unique board game as a collaboration with Promotal, Inc., a popular Japanese board game company known for making fun products.

The collaboration board game is called あのアレなヤバイにじさんじ ano arena yabai nijisanji. The official English title is “Uh...what...that Nijisanji”.

You may think “How can Vtubers become a board game?”

Let’s check the details!

Game rules and how to play

This game is a “Who am I?” quiz-style game. When you play this board game with your friends/family, you need to split up into two teams: team Vtuber fans (team A) and team Vtubers (team B). Team A asks the questions to find out which Vtubers card team B has.

First, team A picks two cards up from the 30 available question cards. Team B picks one card from the 25 Vtuber cards and the 5 phrase cards. A famous phrase from each Vtuber is printed on every phrase card. The two teams shouldn’t show their cards to each other.

Next, based on the question cards, team A will question team B. For example, you may find yourself with cards like these.

This question, 清楚っぽいですか? seisoppoi desuka? means “Are you an innocent and pure Vtuber?”

This question, 服装は派手ですか? fukusō wa hade desuka? means “Do you wear flashy clothes?”

Next, to answer the questions, team B must use the phrases on their two phrase cards. These phrases are important clues for team A. The phrase cards look like the below.

許せねえよなぁ! yurusenēyonā! (“It’s unforgivable, right?!”), いっぞ! izzo! (“Let’s go guys!”) and more phrases are printed on the cards!

In other words, team B cannot answer the questions directly with a yes or a no. Team B members can only read the phrases printed on the cards they have aloud. This is what makes the game fun.

*The official rules say “you can only answer yes or no if you are stuck”.

Team A must guess who Team B's Vtuber is using their famous phrases as their clue. If team A answers correctly, they win. However, if they say the wrong answer, team A must pick five new question cards. Then they ask the new questions and repeat the process above. Team A can try six times. If team A still doesn’t get it, then it’s game over and Team B wins.

Those are basic rules of the game. If you want to know more, here is a demo video by one of the Nijisanji Vtubers, Gwelu Os Gar グウェル・オス・ガール!

Which Vtubers have been made into cards?

Over 100 Vtubers belong to Nijisanji but 25 members have been made into cards. For example, Mito Tsukino 月ノ美兎.

She is one of the most popular Nijisanji Vtubers and she is especially known for her fun talk shows. She looks like an innocent and pure girl, but is it true? Find out by playing this board game!

In addition to her, there are many other Vtuber cards. For example, the left-most Vtuber in the picture above, Debidebi Debiru でびでび・でびる, is a small cute devil who loves shaved ice and alcohol. One of its famous phrases is あわれだねぇ awaredanē (“Oh, you’re so pitiful.”). So, if team B says the phrase, team A fans can easily guess and say “Oh, your card is Debidebi Debiru!”

Another Vtuber in this game is Koh Uzuki 卯月コウ. He has a great sense of humor and is a very skilled Pokémon player. He is known as the Vtuber who beat Thorton, which requires winning 50 consecutive matches with Rental Pokemon, and winning a gold print.

His famous phrase is いっぞ! izzo! (“Let’s go, guys!”). The normal Japanese phrase for “Let’s go, guys!” is いくぞ! ikuzo!, not izzo!. So this phrase can also be considered the biggest clue for team Vtuber fans.

This game is available on BOOTH and Amazon! If you like Nijisanji and board games, this game is definitely a lot of fun!

The game is in Japanese, but if you're deep into the world of Nijisanji, you're clearly motivated to play, so this could be a great learning opportunity. (Hint: smartphone-based image translation tools are your friend)


  • Title:Ano arena yabai Nijisanji あのアレなやばいにじさんじ “Uw…what…that Nijisanji”
  • Price: 4,500JPY
  • Recommended number of players: 3 to 5
  • Estimate time to play: over 10 minutes
  • Targeting age: over 10 years old
  • Contents: 130 cards and 1 sheet of guide
  • Amazon
  • Official website of the game
  • Note: You may need to use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express if you'd like to have it shipped internationally

By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).