For animal lovers and tea fans, their may be no better tea time than one with any of Ocean Teabag's clever combinations of animals and tea bags, which in the past have included a giant squid and octopus, creepy isopods, jellyfish, and even magical tanuki. Their latest release may be their cutest yet, however, as it gives you your very own adorable otter buddy to sip tea with!

Each pack contains four tea bags modeled after Asian small-clawed otters, who seem more than happy to frolic in your tea cup and keep you company. In the past, Ocean Teabag has themed their teas after the animal teabag they are associated with (black Pu'er tea to recreate ink squid, for instance), but the otter teabag features a sweet apple tea to enjoy during the fall.

Packs are available from Japanese bookstore Village Vanguard, although Ocean Teabag has their own online shop and Amazon carries their goods as well.

By - Big Neko.