Source: PR Times

Unleash The Kraken With Squid And Octopus Tea Bags

Ocean Teabag has recently teamed up with bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard for a series of animal-inspired teabags, ranging from creepy giant isopods, jellyfish, and even magical tanuki. Now the deep sea teabags are getting squid and octopus newcomers.

The octopus tea bag is filled with Keemun tea, and the double-bagged squid version is a black Pu'er tea inspired by squid ink. Don't worry, it has a sweet persimmon flavor.

The tea bags are on sale from Village Vanguard's online shop in sets priced at 1,820 yen.  Those overseas can find many Ocean Teabag releases on Amazon, however.

By - Big Neko.