The trend for retro footwear has brought back 90s style ‘dad’ sneakers, and now thanks to this collab from Reebok and Sanrio you can be both on-trend and super cute at the same time.

Reebok have recently re-released the Instapump Fury OG, a type of running shoe which debuted in 1994. The unforgiving silhouette is loved by hypebeasts and hypebaes everywhere, and the bold style doesn’t shy away from bright colours and motifs, which makes it the perfect crossover for the colourful characters of Sanrio.

The Japanese company is responsible for one of the representative characters of kawaii, Hello Kitty, as well as other much loved characters such as My Melody and Gudetama.

The collaboration has led to two awesome pairs of sneakers. One inspired by Hello Kitty herself, and another using everyone's favourite lazy egg, Gudetama, as a motif.

The Hello Kitty kicks are in classic white and red with some black detailing bearing Kitty-chan’s face.

The characteristic giant red bow of Hello Kitty catches the eye instantly, but it can also be removed for a slightly more toned down look.

Okay, maybe it won't be that toned down. But with or without the bow, the shoes make a great statement piece in any casual outfit.

Gudetama’s sneakers are a white and bright yellow design, just like the character that inspired them. You can find little Gudetama faces at the heel and at the front, with a few black accents to pull the look together.

A pair of these outlandish sneakers will set you back 22,000 yen and they can be found in various shoe stores in Japan, as well as the Reebok Japan online shop and ZOZOTOWN.

If you’re a Sanrio character-lover with a penchant for adventurous fashion, these are the perfect athletic footwear for you!

By - Jess.