Japanese manufacturer and retailer Bibi Lab has a reputation for releasing unique and hybrid "room wear", or pajamas, that respond to interesting needs they identify in customer research and surveys. In the past, their inquiries have led to such releases as a Japanese schoolgirl outfit that doubles as a personal kotatsu, pajamas that lazy people can practically live in, and of course, a giant pillow that is a set of a pigtails that...hugs you back.

Their latest endeavor appears to be in response to customers craving an easy-to-wear yukata. One of the staple joys of attending a Japanese summer festival is slipping on the casual summer kimono to get in the mood for the festivities, but even for practiced yukata-wearers, the process can be rigid and time consuming. Bibi Lab's new yukata-pajama hybrid is said to be a three-step, one-minute slip on yukata that may as well be worn outdoors with how authentic it looks.

The Raku Yukata ("Easy Yukata"), also called Comfy KIMONO Pajamas in English, lives up to its name by breaking down the traditional twenty-five-step process of correctly putting on a yukata into a simple three steps. Further simplifying the process is an elastic obi sash, which already comes with a neatly fixed bow to wrap around your waist. While a properly tied obi is one of the outstanding aesthetic charms of a yukata, it can cause for some discomfort and slow down mobility for those not prepared.

Here is a short demonstration video and step-by-step picture guide.

The Raku Yukata is available in three different floral patterns, and boasts a look that could pass as well as many other yukata at a summer festival, without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Thanks to easy to fit through sleeves and a slightly billowy fit, the Raku Yukata also makes for an easy pair of pajamas to lie down or lounge around in--not something recommended with an actual yukata. It's also totally washing-machine safe.


Morning Glory

Gold Fish

Bibi Lab's Press Release has the Raku Yukata advertised as being available for pre-order (officially released in July) at Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard, but a crowdfunding website, Tokyo Mirai Mode is currently set up for overseas buyers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.