Hina-ningyo are perhaps the most well known when it comes to the display of traditional ornamental dolls to pray for and celebrate the healthy growth and success of the household's children. Traditional Japanese doll-maker Mantaro Ningyo has been crafting such dolls and displays since 1919, and now they are using their century tested talents to put out perhaps the most elegant version of Pikachu yet with a beautifully wood and fabric Pikachu doll.

The traditional craft of Kimekomi Ningyo (sometimes called wood and cloth dolls) is said to have originated in Kyoto roughly 250 years ago when an odd-job worker at the Kamigamo shrine began making them out of leftover wood and cuts of priestly robes. They are known for having grooves at their base, which beautifully patterned fabric is tucked into. This delicate arrangement of expertly crafted wood and cloth can be seen on many of the dolls designed after noble and legendary figures in Japanese history.

Pikachu, however, doesn't exactly run around in a kimono. That's why workers at Mantaro Ningyo spent a lot of time researching and thinking of a way to give Pikachu a traditional doll touch without compromising on the cute charm (and roundness) of the the flagship Pokemon.

The result is a red and white floral pattern on high quality cloth, along with red and white cords to give Pikachu a regal look.

The Edo Kimekomi Ningyo Pikachu is available from Motaro Ningyo's online store for 13,200 yen. Buyers should be warned each Pikachu takes a while to craft, so availability may be stalled depending on the stock.

By - Big Neko.