Whether it's Pokemon GO or another entry in the popular game series, everyone wants the powerful Ice-water type Pokémon Lapras. It's cute and friendly, and according to its Pokemon Index entry, will gladly give you a ride across large bodies of water. We're not quite sure about sea-faring abilities, but this new giant Lapras plushie from the Pokemon Center will definitely be able to fit some people on its back!

The "giant" Lapras is 93 centimeters tall and 2.2 kilograms in weight. These dimensions means it's a bit easier to fit into your room, unlike the previously released gigantic Snorlax.

The coveted Lapras may not be so easy to come by in Pokemon GO, but you can at least now keep one as a cuddle buddy in the comfort of your own room! A wonderful toy for kids or decorative pillow for adults, the big Lapras plushie makes for a cute looking chair, at the very least.

True to the friendly nature of Laparas, last year’s Lapras Pokemon GO event in Tōhoku Japan, 10,000 visitors from all over the world had came to catch this dreamy rare Pokémon, which helped raise a considerable amount of money for the earthquake affected areas. You can find the giant Lapras at the Japanese Pokémon Center website, where it sells at 27,000 yen. While they are currently taking reservations for domestic release in Japan (a July release, with reservations running from February 16th to April 2nd), you can expect the U.S Pokémon Center site to eventually stock up as well, so keep on the lookout there.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.