EGG&SPUMA, a cafe located in Shinjuku’s Lumine shopping mall, have hosted Sanrio collaboration menus before, much to the delight of cute character fans all over Tokyo. At the beginning of the year they hosted a classy but kawaii Hello Kitty tribute in honour of her 45th anniversary (but she doesn’t look a day over 40…).

Despite the popularity of these cafes, EGG&SPUMA have announced that this is their last Sanrio collaboration menu, and now Sanrio stans can end the year on a bittersweet high with a culinary culmination of all the company’s best-loved characters.

A menu packed with the cuteness of Sanrio, each dish is filled with kawaii details to charm any patrons of the cafe. For one, Pompompurin turns up as a bright yellow cheeseburger with an adorable burger beret perched on the bun.

A popular item at EGG&SPUMA, their soufflé pancakes will get taken over by different Sanrio characters depending on when you visit the cafe. The first period will have this enchanting Kiki and Lala ‘kawaii tree’, and after that customers can enjoy a romantic ‘melty strawberry’ pancake a la My Melody.

For those looking to go a bit more posh, the grand Sanrio character tea party set includes a tiered tower of sweet treats as the centrepiece. This special version of EGG&SPUMA’s tea party course, created for the Sanrio collaboration, has enticing deserts on each level and adorable Sanrio characters add to the charm.

The top layer has a super cute capsule toy machine made out of jelly, and representing Sanrio is a Pochacco made from pana cotta. Down a level and you will find one of Japan’s favourite dessert specialties, the soufflé pancake making another appearance, drizzled with berry sauce and accompanied by Hello Kitty. The bottom tier boasts pink ribbon shaped crepes (who does that remind you of?) and chocolate gateau with My Melody and Kuromi sitting on top. This full-on collaboration of kawaii big hitters comes together, to create what is surely the cutest tea party set in Tokyo.

Not just these items, the menu includes a whole host of adorable mains, drinks and desserts. If you order anything from the special collaboration menu, you can get a cute limited-edition coaster as a present too!

Sadly this kawaii tea party can’t last forever, and the collaboration menu will only be available until the middle of January 2020. Check out the cafe’s website for a full list of menu items and prices.

Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinjuku 3-38-1 Lumine 8F EGG&SPUMA

Nearest station: Shinjuku

EGG&SPUMA website

By - Jess.