Sanrio’s beloved characters can be found in many forms all over Japan. From Hello Kitty doughnuts to Gudetama sneakers, there’s plenty of ways for lovers of cute characters to experience kawaii culture.

For fans of Little Twin Stars with a sweet tooth, few things can beat an adorable selection of sweets, infused with the duo’s pastel magic. Known individually as Kiki and Lala, the twins have been chosen for an exciting collaboration with a fruits parlour and bakery called Season&Co in Osaka.

The characters were born on December 24th on Omoiyari Star, according to Sanrio’s lore, making them the perfect representatives for this month. There’s even a super cute Xmas version of a strawberry shortcake which will only be available until 24th December.

Or you could go for ‘Kiki’s Falling Star Parfait’.

But if you miss out on that don’t worry, there’s plenty of other winter-appropriate treats to be had from 26th December, such as the ‘Snowchild Tarte’.

Or Lala’s version of the parfait.

In terms of beverages, there’s the ‘Little Twin Stars Strawberry Tea Latte’.

And there’s even some immensely Instagrammable take out drinks on the menu. Kiki’s signature blue pastel look is recreated as a blue vanilla drink.

And Lala’s represented by strawberry milk.

The collaboration is ongoing until 24th January 2021 and Season&Co can be found on the first floor of Links Umeda. Check out the website for more information!

By - Jess.