The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the epitome of Harajuku fashion culture. Although on the surface it seems unbearably cute, everything has a slightly twisted underbelly. It’s the perfect place to eat if your ideal restaurant looks like the adorably warped set of a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu music video.

Those psychedelic friends at the Kawaii Monster Cafe say they can’t bear to see another cliched ‘white Christmas’, and are determined that their yuletide will look as though a rainbow vomited all over it.

Monochrome aversion aside, the usual suspects like reindeer and snowmen all make an appearance in their limited-time-only surreal and festive menu.

This ‘Colourful Pop Burger - Reindeer Monster’ (1580 yen) looks like he went a bit too hard on the sherry. Thankfully he didn’t lose his top hat though, so he can still stumble respectfully into midnight mass. Only joking, this little guy is based on Kawaii Monster Cafe’s own character Choppy, but he got in the festive mood and popped on an antler headband.

It’s surely this guy’s favourite season, so the yeti has come out to play in a ‘White Snow’ doria (1400 yen).

In the world of the kawaii monsters, a dish depicting a beautiful Christmas illumination scene simply would not be complete without a swamp of black curry. The curry in this 'Xmas Curry Dip' (1580 yen) represents the night sky, while the bright red dipping bread portrays a rooftop. No word on what appears to be an egg (?) on top of the roof.

This is probably as traditional as they are willing to go. Their 'Christmas Tree Pancakes' (1580 yen) include a melty green sauce which resembles slime, gummy sweets and marshmallows, with a cute little snowman on the side.

Choppy goes back to his deer impersonating ways for this cake (980 yen), he’s even got the red nose on point.

During this cold month, the cafe’s resident ‘Monster Girls’ want to provide a tasty gift to warm your heart. One which will allow you to imagine you’re a ‘Monster Pet’ eating out of a 'Monster Pet Bowl' (1080 yen). Surrounding a bright blue ice cream dollop is five cream puffs which are decorated to represent each of the Monster Girls. If that’s not festive enough for you, there’s some cotton candy ‘snow’ accents.

There’s also a selection of Christmassy cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Apart from the menu, even the brash insides of the cafe have been seasonally churned up to reflect the festive theme.

The Kawaii Harajuku Christmas Party 2019 don't start 'til 2nd December and don’t stop 'til 25th December. Check out the Kawaii Monster Cafe’s website for more information!

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By - Jess.