As the weeks-in-advance order lists at KFC and seasonal "big as your face" fried chicken boxes will tell you, fried chicken is the reigning Christmas food of Japan. That doesn't mean that families won't opt for a nice take-home platter of sushi, however. Popular kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) chain Kappa Sushi has a solution for those trying to decide between one or another, however.

Fried chicken sushi!

While sushi purists may be a bit put off, keep in mind that defining element of sushi is the shari, or sushi rice, and neta, the topping, isn't--so there's no real dictating what creative topping a sushi chef puts on it (as evidence by Japan's Kobe Beef and artistic vegetarian sushi).

So with Christmas approaching, Kappa Sushi is releasing their first ever fried chicken "umachiki" ("delicious chicken") in both black pepper and red pepper varieties. They can be ordered in a box family set of four for 800 yen, or individually for 200 yen. Additionally, Kappa Sushi will be offering a Fried Chicken Nigiri sushi dish, which features the black pepper variety of their umachiki, with a drizzling of mayonnaise, as sushi.

All three items will be available at Kappa Sushi throughout Japan from December 2nd (2020) through January 11th (2021).

By - Big Neko.