Japan's various Pokemon themed cafes have given us countless adorable menu items over the years, like Jigglypuff cheesecakes and Pokemon bubble tea, but they've never before reached to the dizzying cute heights they've risen to with their latest endeavour.

Last year the first ever permanent, official cafe opened next to Pokemon Center DX in Nihonbashi, but now Ikebukuro's Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo will play host to a brand new form of Pokemon Cafe. 'Pikachu Sweets', as it has been dubbed, will only serve desserts, drinks and other sweet treats.

As a dessert-only cafe, they went for a much more cute and pastel theme than the already established Pokemon Cafes, that goes for both the store’s design as well as the adorable menu items.

Tokyo's Newest Pokemon Cafe: Pikachu Sweets

But rather than a traditional sit-down cafe, Pikachu Sweets will be take-out only, meaning unlike the usual Pokemon Cafe, no reservation is needed to get your hands on the adorable eats.

What has been revealed of the menu so far looks incredibly cute. There’s bright yellow Pikachu-eared cupcakes, baumkuchen that you can take apart to release the Pokemon shaped middle section, and cafe lattes with random latte art designs for you to discover!

Like the best early Christmas present ever for sweet-toothed Pokemon Trainers, the Pikachu Sweets cafe will open on the 2nd floor of Ikebukuro's Sunshine City mall on 19th December, with opening hours of 10 am to 8 pm.

By - Jess.