Premium Bandai can never resist their urge to release a PC cushion--a huggable plushie that allows you to comfort your wrists as you type--based off of popular characters in anime and video games. Maybe their most unusual so far is a suit-wearing Frieza doll as your corporate DBZ boss, but their most popular seems to be a series of Pokémon PC cushions that include Psyduck, Slowpoke, and Mimikyu.

That Poké-PC cushion has now grown with a new ghostly companion, Gengar!

Like other Pokémon in the series, the Gengar PC Cushion comes with a detachable keyboard rest, which you can use on its own, attached to your Gengar as you hug it, or simply put aside to cuddle and ready with Gengar on your own.

The large and bubbly Gengar PC cushion is available from Premium Bandai for 5,720 yen. You can look at their international shipping policy here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.